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Gaming desks, furniture, tables, and decor

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  • Game Room Equipment

    54″ Furniture Style Foosball Game Table

    $600.00 $990.00
    The Barrington 54" Furniture Style Foosball Game Table is a modern foosball table game with cool robot-style players, classic scoring, chrome accents, and steel rods. This regulation game table has a playing field made of high-quality medium density fiberboard and oversized 4-inch leg levelers to increase durability and stability. This foosball table is built to last and handle intense action and wild games. All accessories needed to play this fun game are included with this game. The Barrington 54" Furniture Style Foosball Game Table is a competitive game, so get your friends and family together for hours of fun and laughs.
    • Barrington 54" Furniture Style Foosball Game Table
    • Modern furniture style soccer table design
    • Sturdy leg construction with oversized 4-inch leg levelers
    • Traditional bead scorers
    • Robot style player
    • Steel rods
    • Accessories include: 2 soccer balls
    • Product dimensions: 54 inch x 27.25 inch x 34 inch
    • Packaging dimensions: 56.5 inch x 29.25 inch x 5.375 inch
    • Packaging Weight: 88.40 pounds
    $600.00 $990.00
  • Gaming Desk

    Black Gaming Desk with Monitor Stand and Shelf

    $600.00 $1,200.00
    Level up your gaming setup with our sleek Black Gaming Desk. Designed for both style and functionality, this desk features a built-in monitor stand and shelf to enhance your gaming experience. The spacious desktop provides ample room for your gaming gear, while the dedicated monitor stand ensures an optimal viewing angle. The additional shelf adds versatility, allowing you to organize and display your favorite gaming accessories. With its modern design and practical features, this gaming desk is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast. Elevate your gaming station and conquer virtual realms in style. Key Benefits:
    1. Integrated Monitor Stand: Maintain an ergonomic setup with the dedicated monitor stand for comfortable gaming sessions.
    2. Ample Desktop Space: The spacious surface accommodates multiple monitors, keyboard, and other gaming peripherals.
    3. Convenient Shelf: A dedicated shelf offers additional storage and display space for gaming accessories, keeping everything within reach.
    4. Sleek Aesthetics: The black finish and modern design elevate the aesthetic of your gaming space.
    5. Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming, ensuring durability for long-lasting use.
    6. Cable Management: Keep your gaming area organized with integrated cable management features for a clean and clutter-free setup.
    7. Versatile Use: Suitable for gaming setups, home offices, or as a stylish computer desk for various uses.
    $600.00 $1,200.00
  • Game Room Equipment

    Classic Sport Liverpool 60″ Foosball Table, Brown

    $800.00 $1,200.00
    The Classic Sport Liverpool 60" Foosball Table will bring some healthy competition and fun to your family’s game room! A sleek and stylish wooden design that is built for durability and will provide years of fun. The high-quality rod bushings allow the rods and parts to spin more freely, enhancing the speed and smoothness of play. Black and ivory robo-style players square off against each other in mini soccer matchups. A shim pack is included for easy leveling. Makes a great gift for men, women, teenagers, boys and girls of all ages and skill sets. Spin the rod, strike the ball, and beat your opponents with the Liverpool Foosball Table!
    EastPoint Sports Classic Sport Liverpool Foosball Table, Brown 60  x 30 in
    • Challenge friends and family to fun and engaging foosball table games any day of the week with the Classic Sport Liverpool Foosball Table!
    • This 60-inch over-sized model features high-performance rod bushings that allow for smooth, non-stick play action.
    • The Liverpool game table comes complete with 4 textured foosballs for 2-person or 4-person games for adults and kids.
    • Heavy-duty frame and wood finishing is sturdy and durable for intense indoor sports games competition.
    • Add to the game room with Classic Sport games for teens and young adults, or to the man cave with our indoor games for adults!
    • Steel slide rods and robo-style miniature players give users the power to kick toward the goal and make each shot count.
    • Keep score with classic bead-style scoring. Dimensions: 60" (L) x 29.75" (W) x 34" (H).
    • Classic Sports is No. 1 in indoor and outdoor table games for adults and home games for family & kids!
    $800.00 $1,200.00
  • Gaming Desk

    Gaming Desk 74.8 Inches U Shaped Black Computer Desk

    $700.00 $1,200.00
    Immerse yourself in gaming paradise with our Ultimate Gaming Desk, a sleek 74.8-inch U-shaped black computer desk designed for maximum comfort and performance. The expansive surface provides ample room for multiple monitors and gaming peripherals, while the U-shaped configuration enhances your gaming experience by enveloping you in a cocoon of focus and control. The desk features cable management solutions for a clutter-free setup, and its sturdy construction ensures stability during intense gaming sessions. Elevate your gameplay with this cutting-edge gaming desk that combines ergonomic design with a bold aesthetic, delivering the ultimate gaming command center. Benefits:
    1. Spacious Surface: Enjoy a vast 74.8-inch desk space for an immersive gaming experience.
    2. U-Shaped Design: Enhances focus and control, creating a dedicated gaming zone.
    3. Cable Management: Keep your setup organized and clutter-free for peak performance.
    4. Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming, providing stability and durability.
    5. Sleek Aesthetic: The black finish adds a modern and bold touch to your gaming setup.
    6. Versatile Use: Ideal not only for gaming but also for work or creative endeavors requiring a spacious and functional workspace.
    $700.00 $1,200.00
  • Game Room Equipment

    Infinity Game Table – 32″ Screen Infinity Gaming Table featuring 50 Hasbro Games and Activities

    $4,000.00 $9,000.00
    The Infinity Game Table modernizes gameplay, taking play to the next level. Simple one time set up. A massive, ever expanding library of games, activities, and much more. This is game night reimagined. Want to discover a new game? Access it instantly through the online store. Ready to take on an opponent somewhere else in the world? Connect your table to theirs, remotely.
    • Includes 50 Games and Activities:  4 Pics 1 Word, Backgammon, BATTLESHIP, CANDYLAND, Checkers, Chess, Chicken Wrangle, CHUTES AND LADDERS, CLUE, Color Create, Connect 4, Dizzy Tanks, Doodle Master Mini Golf, Dots and Boxes, Fling Hockey, GAME OF LIFE, GUESS WHO, HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS, Mahjong Deluxe, Mancala, Memory Matching Game, Mini Fini Football, MONOPOLY, 9 Men’s Morris, OPERATION, Othello Reversi, Pirate Battle, Puzzle Play, Raceway Grand Prix, SCRABBLE, SIMON, Basic Solitaire, SORRY, Space Tennis, Spider Solitaire, Sudoku Ultimate, Super Word Search, Swish, Tablecloths, Tablecloths Halloween, Tic Tac Toe, Tri-peaks Solitaire, TRIVIAL PURSUIT, TROUBLE, Whack-a-Mole, What’s The Word, YAHTZEE, Yokozuna All Star
    • 32" Touchscreen
    • Tactile Feedback to add levels of immersion
    • Hi-Resolution Screen that adds next-level realistic depth and texture to all games
    • Social Play+. Connect to other players worldwide, with Safe Connect that allows up to six players
    • Jigsaw Puzzles. Select the number of pieces based on skill level
    • Allows players to save the game and pick back up later where they left off
    • Plugs into an AC outlet
    • Detachable legs allow to be placed on a solid flat surface
    • Comes with a selection of Classic Hasbro Games like Monopoly, Battleship, Sorry!, Connect 4, Scrabble, Operation and more!
    • Table: 31.5” x 22” x 21.5” with removable legs
    • Weight:  46lbs
    $4,000.00 $9,000.00
  • Game Room Equipment

    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table – Air Hockey, Billiards, Table Tennis, and Launch Football , Black/White, 23.75 x 32.00 x 48.00″

    $680.00 $996.00
    • Play four great games on one table – air hockey, billiards, table tennis, and launch football
    • Rotating swivel table changes games from one to another in seconds
    • Patented central air distribution system for even airflow throughout the hockey table
    • Assembled table size 48” L x 23.75” W x 32” H ideal for youth and teenage players
    • Table comes ready to play with all of the accessories to play all four games included
    • Specifications: Features- Accessories Included Color-Black, Assembled Product Weight- 61.73 lbs.

    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

    Rotate between four great games on one table in seconds. The Triumph 4-in-1 Swivel Multi Game Table allows you to play four different games all on one table using the rotating swivel design. The table plays air-powered hockey, billiards, table tennis, and launch football. Measuring 48" L x 23.75" W x 32" H, this table plays real air-powered hockey with patented central air distribution. This system offers superior airflow across the entire table top for non-stop action, unlike competitive tables that feature non-air powered, “push" hockey. The table includes both end and side brace support beams for extra strength and added durability. At 4 feet long, this table is ideal for youth players looking to get more games in a small space. The table comes ready to play with all of the included accessories for all four games. The fun never stops with 4 challenging games in one quality Triumph table!

    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table
    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table
    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table
    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

    Performance Features:

    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table
    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table
    Triumph 4-in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table


    Play four great games on one table – air hockey, billiards, table tennis, and launch football


    Rotating swivel table changes games from one to another in seconds


    Patented central air distribution system for even airflow throughout the hockey table
    $680.00 $996.00
  • Game Room Equipment

    Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table

    $4,000.00 $9,890.00
    Elevate your foosball experience with the Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table, the pinnacle of precision engineering and durability.
    • Tournament-Grade Quality: Crafted to meet the exacting standards of professional tournaments, ensuring an authentic and competitive gameplay experience.
    • Robust Construction: Built with sturdy materials and reinforced corners, guaranteeing longevity and resilience even during the most intense matches.
    • Counter-Balanced Men: Experience unparalleled control with counter-balanced men, allowing for swift and strategic moves, making every match a test of skill.
    • High-Performance Rods: Precision-engineered rods with a slick, low-friction surface ensure swift and smooth gameplay, enhancing your overall foosball mastery.
    • Non-Slip Grips: Ergonomically designed handles with non-slip grips provide comfort and control, allowing players to maintain peak performance throughout extended play.
    • Tactical Playing Surface: The field is designed for optimal ball control, facilitating precision shots and strategic maneuvers that give players a competitive edge.
    • Adjustable Leg Levelers: Adapt to any surface with ease using adjustable leg levelers, ensuring a perfectly even playing field for fair and exciting matches.
    • Classic Aesthetics: A sleek and timeless design adds a touch of sophistication to any game room, making it not just a game but a stylish centerpiece.
    Invest in the Warrior Table Soccer Professional Foosball Table for the ultimate combination of precision, durability, and style, transforming your foosball sessions into unforgettable competitions.
    $4,000.00 $9,890.00